If you wish to start a new e-petition please click on the link above. There are some notes below which may help you in constructing your e-petition.


You can use the Vote button to cast a vote "For" or "Against" any currently open e-petitions.


e-Petitions remain open for a period of 90 days.



Guidance Notes


You’ve obviously decided to start your e-petition because you feel passionate about something that you’d like the Parish Council to address; but before you start, get your thoughts together and ensure that what you’re requesting falls within the remit of a parish (town) council.


Please don’t use the e-petition system to report pot holes or complain about a planning issue.  The purpose of e-petitions is to help the council shape the future of the council and the parish in order to improve quality of life and make it a better place to life and work.


The council will be looking for a 75% support rate before it will consider your case so make sure that other people who read your e-petition understand what you are trying to achieve and why you feel that it’s important to the community. Get someone else involved when you write your e-petition or write it offline first and get input from others.


Once your petition has been accepted you will need to talk to friends and neighbours to encourage them to visit the website and vote for your e-petition.


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