About the Council

Your Parish Council is very proactive.

During the past few years the toddlers part of Salisbury Avenue Play Area has been updated with modern safety flooring; whilst the remaining part is currently awaiting a final decision on the last part of funding for a new MUGA and all weather play surface and all weather table tennis tables, which if successful would see the new equipment being installed before Easter 2015.

The Council has also been instrumental in ensuring the War Memorial in Leckhampton was repaired in advance of the Commemorations of the Centenary of the beginning of World War I, by paying for 50% of the costs. The planters and seasonal plants are also provided by the Parish Council.

New seats were located around the parish to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee during 2012.

The Council supports local voluntary organisations by considering applications for grants every year. These are considered at the Council’s meeting in February and/or March, and any local voluntary organisation operating within the parish can apply with details of what they would like a grant for. In previous years the Council has supported In Bloom for Warden Hill, Warden Hill Primary School, FOLK (Friends of Leckhampton and Charlton Kings Common), Brizen Young People’s Centre, local Cub packs, Leckhampton Primary School, St Christopher’s Church and Leckhampton Village Hall. Applications are welcomed from other organisations and groups so please contact the Clerk for more information if you are interested.

During the last few years the Council has been strongly objecting to the proposals contained in the Joint Core Strategy which will affect the parish and the surrounding area as well as Cheltenham as a whole, on a number of grounds including the traffic that would be generated, the potential for future flooding, the implications for local schools, both primary and secondary as well as the lack of provision for more jobs and the impact of other local infrastructure such as doctor’s surgeries and the local hospital.

The Council also objected to the recent planning application for 650 dwellings and associated facilities on land off Kidnappers Lane that was refused planning permission in July, and will appear in due course at the anticipated Public Inquiry to determine the expected appeal.

The Council, with support from Shurdington Parish Council, has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan Concept which was submitted to Cheltenham Borough Council in August 2013. This contained an application for a Local Green Space on land at Leckhampton and is now working on preparing a full Neighbourhood Plan for the area. There will be more information on this as it progresses.

The Council carries out a lot of work and always endeavours to improve the environment of the parish for current and future residents. Members are always available if you are concerned about any local issues so please contact them or the Clerk who will be able to assist you.

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